Music can be powerful

Hi, another month closer to spring!

Every day offers the chance to reflect not only on your own world - needs, life and career aspirations, but that of your families!

We sometimes hear stories from our friends, colleagues, acquaintances that are pretty sad, even harrowing. We can empathize the best way we can, but we can never know exactly how they feel. We can not completely appreciate what a person is going through, until we experience a similar situation.

I have recently experienced having to make difficult life decisions, that will deeply affect me and family, forever. It's not been easy and to date. my emotions continue to choke me, and sometimes I can not breath for being so tearful, I have never felt so much pain. I feel alone at times with a need for companionship but only have myself to listen to me! Initially I did not allow myself to grieve, but listening to this tune, I have started to give myself the permission to - work in progress!

The importance on focussing on being true to self has been my gateway to owning my feelings. Not only at this time but will be, going forward, on my life's short and precious journey. Experiences influence change, as well as everything/one around us, without even noticing. There is no replay or pause button on this journey! As I enjoy my work, and my nuclear family and friends, I offer myself a positive vibe - always be genuine, believe in me, enjoy being honest and be loyal.

So, I love to listen to smooth jazz, and decided I would like to share this tune. For me, this melody is soothing and inspirational. The message I have gotten out of the lyrics, including 'goodbye sorrow, hello tomorrow' are so special to me. I would like to now share it with you!

What do you think? What's your positive vibe? Have you a special tune? Please keep in touch, subscribe and tell me how you feel after listening to it...

Please copy and paste:, Start All Over Again, by Dave Koz

I look forward to hearing from you!

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