January – Or, it was January! First month of 2019 has come and gone! How is it going? Have you been able to maintain your New Year resolutions? Has it been as easy as you thought?

Making resolution(s) are made by the self, for the self. So, you have taken the plunge, and made a resolution to replace unwanted habits, feelings and thoughts? Have you still the determination to achieve the resolution, already attained your goal or given up? Are those resolutions as important to you as initially thought?

As we are in a constant state of mental and emotional change, our mindset changes. Recognizing the importance of your resolution maybe challenging. Thinking about why you initially set your goals will help you focus on your journey of change, and/or inspire you for new ventures. It may also provide clarity and stability as you consider the decisions that you might have to make.

I believe recognition of and determination to succeed in attaining your goal is an unspoken strength. To share your resolution, with another person, should also be deemed a hidden strength. Lastly, being honest about your bid to change is not only commendable

strength. Your confidant could offer support and encouragement, that could balance your thoughts as you thrive to achieve.

So, well done to those who have embraced their resolutions and to those who are yet to make one! Why not summon your strength and make a ‘new day’ resolution, today.