GDPR - Protecting You From....

Hi You

Wow, I have beaten, just, the Data Protection Regulation cut off time! Better late than never but what a palava! The wording has to be just right, to cover yourself! Save yourself from receiving communication that you do not want.

First, we are culturally withdrawing from just speaking to each other face to face as we make appointments to see each other, 'let me just check my diary' being a typical response, for example!

Now, freedom of sending emails, giving people choices, to accept or delete, are being taken one step further. We all have the ability to put unwanted emails in our email Spam or Trash - haven't we?

What am I saying - I would greatly appreciate that you look at my GDPR policy and decide to do nothing. This will give me the benefit of resuming my monthly joy - emailing my BLOG to you!