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What time is it?...

Hi Readers

We are already in the 2nd month of the year! Have you noticed, how fast time flies?

We are always searching for time to do something, be somewhere, that we feel we have no time to 'do' or 'be'!

Why is it, that we believe we can catch up, we are unable to achieve?.. We lose sight of our goal and/or we just give up - because we ran out of time?...

Is this a lesson we can all benefit, in time?

Finding that we continue to trust in others evaluation can inhibit us from the changes required to refocus our thought and life processing. We know we want to change and our past experiences are holding our being to emotional, mental, health ransom! How hard could it be, to share with others our deepest thoughts? For some of us, it is the most difficult thing to do. We stop believing that we can steer changes within, because we are fearful, fearful of our internal being and the truths of what we could discover about self. Time, for change?

We deserve the opportunity to be true to self. Finding self in time is to be considered a deserved accomplishment.

Giving yourself time to unleash self imposed confines could be the nebulus of change... the catalyst to enable life successes... to start loving yourself!

Spring is on the way! How refreshing could it be, to lose the old self, rejuvenate in the serum of life?

Let's do some spring cleaning, starting with self! It's time..... x

When you cannot take no more

Your heart is heavy, yet still ignore

Your feelings are tangled, suppressed and unsure

Why don't you believe that you deserve more?


Let's shake of the grime

Spring clean from today!