LIFE SIGNS?.......

Have you ever considered, how many signs we unwittingly follow in life?

There are road signs, astronomy signs, traffic signs, prohibition signs, astrology signs, safety signs, love signs, signs, signs, signs but do we listen/sense a 'Health and Safety' sign... the signs leading us to anxiety, depression, bad life decisions, unhappiness, confusion in relationships, etc.? Ur, not always, sometimes, occasionally?

By and large, we don't recognize 'life' signs, right in front of us, that can inadvertently influence our well being. They just have a way of sneaking up on us, affecting our self-esteem, heightening negative feelings that leave us feeling controllably low!

Question - How can we replace the overwhelming weight of low emotion/feelings with a new altitude of thought?

Possible Answer - Look internally for that new sign that's eluded you thus far? You are the most important facet you will ever have!

If this has raised any concerns, please feel free to make contact with someone who can offer you 'talking therapy'. To make an appointment, you can follow the signs on my website - www.livelifewithlove.co.uk !