Life can be considered a jigsaw?

Yes, this metaphor says it all…


Jigsaw - For most of us, we work on the edges, outside, corners, the frame of the jigsaw. We then consider working from an area of the frame as we work toward the middle.

Come on,, be honest,, we do, right?

We all believe that there is a need to work from the edge through to the center. We all believe that once we find and complete the frame of the jigsaw the center follows. We then believe, that we have all the pieces and get frustrated when we think or realize that not all the pieces are there.

We can even believe that the right piece is sometimes the wrong piece. We even look at pieces and try placing them in the wrong place fighting to fit them in

Gosh, we even start getting into a mental frenzy when we think the puzzle would never end, or that the piece fits in one position, to later find that it actually fits in another. Yes, we actually get it to fit into another place to realize that it again is not quite right – again...

Eventually, we get it to fit into another place, the right place. Yes, we can do it - right.

Metaphor - If we imagine our life to be pieces of a puzzle, we begin to admit that pieces do not fit. Once those fretful pieces do not fit, we have the opportunity to work with those pieces to find the right position. We can try to realize whether those pieces fit in places of our jigsaw, but once we realize that they do not we have the opportunity to work with it until we get it right.

‘So, it is true, life is like a big puzzle. ’Piecing our life together, as we continue our journey. We can search for completeness, emotionally, mentally and physically.

We just have to take our time to understand, appreciate, and value self and as we grow and develop, we piece together the pieces until the whole self is complete. Sometimes, those pieces fit and sometimes they do not. It is a brave thing to work at the pieces that do not fit until they do.

Is it not?