How a small decision can turn your life around

Have you ever felt that you are out of your depth or life is floating by with the fear of getting lost?

Rest assured... We all have - whether we admit or not?

Have we considered such points (including):

- How it is be real with our self?

-What do we want from our life?

- Do we appreciate our own values?

- Do we even know what are values are?

- How can we achieve our dreams?

So many questions? We need to offer our self time, therapeutic space to open our Pandora's box that we have so far, sub-consciously left closed as we are unable to address what is inside of them.

Each drawer, once opened, could offer us a reflection of self that we have so eluded.

... Talking therapy could be of benefit to you, but for now, consider the above and also, feel free to offer your comments...

I look forward to hearing from you... S.