How often do we say… ‘a smile doesn’t cost you anything’, ‘smile, and the world smiles with you’, ‘it’s all in the smile’, ‘she/he must be happy’ and ‘the world looks brighter from behind a smile’, Unknown!

Sharing a smile or smiling to oneself offers psychological...

Hi, another month closer to spring! 

Every day offers the chance to reflect not only on your own world - needs, life and career aspirations, but that of your families!

We sometimes hear stories from our friends, colleagues, acquaintances that are pretty sad, even harrowi...

February 2, 2019

January – Or, it was January!  First month of 2019 has come and gone!  How is it going? Have you been able to maintain your New Year resolutions?  Has it been as easy as you thought? 

Making resolution(s) are made by the self, for the self.  So, you hav...

May 24, 2018

Hi You

Wow, I have beaten, just, the Data Protection Regulation cut off time!  Better late than never but what a palava!  The wording has to be just right, to cover yourself!  Save yourself from receiving communication that you do not want.  


‘When we have changes of perception, we can lose control of the very personality that makes us who we are.’ SAW, 2018

I believe, whether we admit it openly or not that many of us have experienced feelings of loneliness.  The complexity of loneliness  can be overwhelming...

February 12, 2018

Hi Readers

We are already in the 2nd month of the year!  Have you noticed, how fast time flies?  

We are always searching for time to do something, be somewhere, that we feel we have no time to 'do' or 'be'! 

Why is it, that we believe we can catch up, we are...

Wow, another year has passed through, catapulting us into 2018!  

What's this year got in store for you, our friends, families and allies?  

We can only wish the best to others and be mindful that we alone are in control of our own lives!  We should take t...

December 4, 2017

LIFE SIGNS?.......

Have you ever considered, how many signs we unwittingly follow in life? 

There are road signs, astronomy signs, traffic signs, prohibition signs, astrology signs, safety signs, love signs, signs, signs, signs but do we listen/sense a 'Health and Safet...

September 11, 2017

Lifes' successes are not a chance event, but, as life is a continuous project, your best days are waiting to be discovered.

..... Once we face the concerns we fear, they no longer have power over us....

We tend to think, 'that's okay, 'oh, they did not mean it', 'I will feel better tomorrow', etc.  Some of us, live life accepting and embracing the issues of those around us.  Whatever happene...

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