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It is said, to be kind, can make our self as well as our nearest and dearest happy and elevate our spirits! I am sure that psychologists would agree, a small gesture can also promote our well being, allowing us to develop positive thoughts and healthy attitudes.

Q. Why do we find it hard to offer our self a little love and compassion?

Could a little self-time can be interpreted as a hug?

A. Yes, I believe it can inspire our thought process to heal emotional pain, including anxiety or even depression. That very hug/embrace can encourage a change of attitude and mind set and offer us energy to get through our day and lives?

Q. Could offering our self a seed of love be so difficult? Why do we not believe that we deserve to be happy?

A. Self-compassion could help our well being; offer a different outlook on issues that in the past have so deeply affected us and therefore offer us an alternative outlook to addressing our future!

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