Dear You

Congratulations, for taking the first step as I sense it must have taken a lot for you to seek someone to share your therapeutic journey!  You may be suffering from concerns such as, anger, anxiety, grief, depression, low self-esteem, low self-worth, identity, self-harming, suicidal tendencies, experiencing abuse, difficulty in your relationships, sexuality, co-workers, or just can not label your feelings but know they are displaced and wanting change?  Sadness, loneliness, being unavailable emotionally, etc., could be anybody’s journey whether you are male, female, couple, young person, lesbian, gay, etc.  


As a person-centered Therapist, I consider myself to be a non-judgmental, sensitive, respectful, genuine, and compassionate black woman, who genuinely wants to connect with her clients.  We enter your journey with no preconceived notion, as no 2 persons experience is the same.  I enjoy the benefit of supporting individuals and couples’  as we work on topics including relationship and life's meanings, identity, addiction, grief, culture and sexuality.

You are in control of your sessions.  Sessions are about  and for your emotional, mental and physical needs, feelings and thoughts.  Remember, your concerns are about you, so all your material is valid!

Therapy can be so empowering.  Together, in my comfortable LLWL Room or online, we develop your toolbox, so in the future you can recognize when/if issues re-emerging and readily work on them, as you change negatives into positives.  To inevitably understand self provides the ability to confront challenges and aids your ability to self-appreciation or at least understanding!

I humbly look forward to offering you, from any part of the world, except USA & Canada, a free of charge, ½ hour introductory session.  When you complete the form (button below), please advise your ideal day/time and I will do my best to work with you.

Let’s talk.


Until then...  Always.